Why this blog was created?

Consumer-financial-protection laws affect everyone. This field is also relatively new, as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a young agency compared to other regulators in DC. This blog exists to flag nuances that may not be detectable to the naked eye.

These cases are also incredibly exciting. We are all students of title X of the Dodd-Frank Act (the Consumer Financial Protection Act), and of the collective incentives and human interactions that form the consumer finance ecosystem. Every day the statute is applied to real-life facts, yielding a new angle, vindication, or conundrum. I hope you enjoy digesting these articles as much as I enjoy dissecting the cases.

Tangential to consumer finance laws, however, are issues concerning tech and regulation, more broadly speaking. These issues are not within the purview of the Bureau (yet), but represent areas that present some of the most challenging issues for government and businesses (right where they intersect with consumer protection). Thus, I include those too.

Feel free to connect; nothing is more satisfying than intellectual rigor and engagement, and your dissenting perspective improves this craft.

Happy reading.

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